1. LVM

    • Formatting and Mounting a logical volume
    sudo mkdir -p /mnt/{backup,college-data}
    sudo mount /dev/VolGrpLvm/backup /mnt/backup/
    sudo mount /dev/VolGrpLvm/college-data /mnt/college-data/
    • Renaming a logical Volume
    sudo lvrename /dev/VolGrpLvm/college-data /dev/VolGrpLvm/college
    • Extending a logical Volume
    sudo lvextend -L+5G /dev/VolGrpLvm/backup ``` ```sudo lvextend -L25G /dev/VolGrpLvm/backup
    • Shrinking a logical volume
    sudo lvreduce  -L20G /dev/VolGrpLvm/backup 
    • Removing an logical volume
    sudo lvremove /dev/VolGrpLvm/backup
    • LVM Stripping
    sudo lvcreate -L 10G -i2 -I64 -n backup1 VolGrpLvm
    • LVM Mirroring
    sudo lvcreate -L 5G -m1 -n mirrorLV VolGrpLvm
    • ThinPool and Thin provisioning
    sudo lvcreate --thinpool vg_thin/thin_pool --name volume_1 --virtualsize 3G
  2. Golang