• Minikube

    • minikube delete –profile

    • minikube ip gives the ip of minikube

  • ping command

    ping command uses ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol), and not TCP/UDP hence cannot ping a particular host’s port.sends an ICMP echo request to the target host and waits for ICMP echo reply.The time parameter defines the total time taken to send an ICMP request to the target and the reply back to the source target,hence the name Round Trip Time(RTT), hencethe latency

  • dig: Domain Information Groper

  • collects data about Domain Name Servers like DNS records

    dig +short blog.vinay.im

    where blog.vinay.im is the target’s domain name

    dig blog.vinay.im

    blog.vinay.im.		10792	IN	CNAME	vinay-keshava.gitlab.io.
    vinay-keshava.gitlab.io. 292	IN	A
  • Using Rootless Docker