• Typescript : is a strongly typed programming language,that builds on javascript with syntax for types.

Angular Framework

  • Angular is a development platform, for building scalable web applications.
  • Routing, form-management, client-server communication and more

Project Structure:

  • src: project’s root directory, source files and resources required to develop angular.
  • src/app/: core functionality of angular application.Contains various components,services,directives and other resources.User interface,business logic and data manipulation.
  • src/assets/: images,fonts,icons,favicons,json files,configuration files.
  • src/environment/: environment specific configuration files.Different environments for development,staging,production.
  • node_modules: node modules which are dependencies are stored in this folder
  • angular.json: essential configuration file, customize project’s build, development and deployment process like ng build, ng serve & ng test.
  1. Component

Components are fundamental building blocks for creating applications in Angular.Angular built on component architecture to organize projects into organized parts.All the components are identified by the suffix component to a file name like todo-list-component.ts.

To render UI items, allowing users to interact with the application and access its functionality. A component is like a class,where the element’s behaviour and its view are encapsulated.

    selector: 'calculator`,
    templateUrl: './calculator.component.html',
    styleUrls: ['./calculator.component.rss']
export class Calculator{

  • selector: which element app’s HTML component need to be used.
  • templateUrl: identifying the template component will use.
  • styleUrl: including component specifc CSS.