Conventional Commit

Conventional Commit

Conventional Commits

Defining a standard format for commit changes,which can be processed by automated tools to produce documentation.

<type>[(optional <scope>)]: <description>
[optional <body>]
[optional <footer>]
  • type

    1. build: build system and dependencies
    2. change: changes to the implementation of existing feature
    3. chore:
    4. ci: continous integration or continous delivery scripts
    5. deprecate: deprecate existing featuresA
    6. docs: adds,updates,revises documentation related to applcation
    7. feat: new feature
    8. fix: commit to fix defect in the application
    9. perf: increase performance of algorithm,without fundamental changes in existing feature
    10. refactor: refactor existing code,does not change existing features
    11. remove: remove a feature
    12. revert: revert one or more commits
    13. security: resolves security issue.
    14. style: reformats the style of source code
    15. test: automated tests of the product/application
  • Description very short summary of the intent,or title for the body

  • Body additional details in the commit,which can include multiple paragraphs to describe the change.

  • Footer Close,Closes,Closed,Fix,Fixes,Fixed,Resolves

Automated Version Numbering fix: increase the patch number according to feat: reset patch version and increase minor version, 1.2.4 changes to 1.3.0 patch number is reset. BREAKING CHANGE: presence of BREAKING CHANGE header increases Major version

  • git log --oneline - prints out the subject in one line

  • git shortlog - prints one line subject and user

  • Subject lines should be capitalized