March 4, 2024ยทVinay Keshava
Vinay Keshava

What I Learnt Yesterday(WILY)

WILY is a name I rephrased to log all my daily learnings.I started this two months ago, where I log about what I learnt yesterday.Everyday is a learning day it can be tech, some commands or some life lessons experienced throughout the day.

Inspired from Zettelkasten

At some point of time in our lives we would want to relearn a few things after a few days/weeks but the effort to find resources for a specific topic can be time consuming. I learnt a lot of stuff during engineering but I don’t remember any thing now.

I was using Notion as my documentation app, used to make notes within a notion workspace,it has an option to export to PDF and also share an article with a public link. Then I found this beautiful hextra hugo theme, where i can design to my custom look and needs. Took a few weeks to setup this theme locally,with the help of the hextra theme maintainer on GitHub. Now everytime I learn something new i write and save it in a markdown file, so thats its easy to add back to the docs. I also love the docs feature of this theme,making it beautiful and easy to search.

I wish to log all my daily learnings with more sincere effort.

See you until next time.