Debian Maintainer Now !!!!

Debian Maintainer Now !!!!

March 28, 2023·Vinay Keshava
Vinay Keshava

I am excited to share with you all that I have recently become a Debian maintainer!! Thanks to amazing debian community.

It all started with Software Freedom Camp, ravish my college super senior (we were a part of college linux club) introduced me to software freedom camp organized by FSCI, since then i was a noob hopping between various distro’s from kali linux to other debian based distros to arch ! I had previously written my experience of attending software freedom camp here.

I started with packaging node modules initially without any knowledge of javascript/nodejs, before packaging new module i tried to upgrade few node packages to new upstream,it was difficult at first understanding the packaging process. node-prosemirror-view was the first node module i packaged, cut to 20'23, i maintain few ruby and golang packages most of them which are gitlab dependencies, here is the list of packages i maintain.Special thanks to praveen for his mentoring, who is my package sponsorer.


Over the past six months, I have been packaging Ruby gems and GitLab dependencies. For this gitlab update, I took on the challenge of building GitLab 15.8.4 and its major components, including Gitlay and GitLab-shell.

Thanks to Praveen and Bilal for their help and support during gitlab package upgrade to 15.8.4.

The first package as DM uploaded was ruby-et-orbi.

We are also preparing GitLab for bookworm, the next release of Debian.